Pennsylvania Lottery Introduces Biggest Scratch-Off Ticket Ever, With More Than $285 Million in Total Prizes

The first-ever $50 Scratch-Off ticket has been unveiled by the PA Lottery, which also announced its weekly New Year’s Millionaire Raffle winning numbers.
Pennsylvania Lottery Introduces Biggest Scratch-Off Ticket Ever, With More Than $285 Million in Total Prizes
December 15, 2021

There is some huge holiday news from the Pennsylvania Lottery this week. Lottery players in the Keystone State can now play bigger than ever with the first-ever $50 Scratch-Off ticket, while the Lottery also announced the winners of the most recent drawing of the New Year’s Millionaire Raffle.

The major holiday news for fans of scratch-and-win cards is that they can play, and win, bigger than ever with the newest addition to the Scratch-Off ticket offerings from the PA Lottery. For the very first time in the Lottery’s history, PA Scratch-Off players have the chance at turning $50 into $5 million in prizes, with the $5 Million Money Maker Scratch-Off, due to hit retailers around the end of the month.

Additionally, the PA Lottery is currently in the midst of its New Year’s Millionaire Raffle, which has weekly drawings for $50,000 prizes, leading up to the main draw on January 8, 2022, that will award four $1 million prizes. The Lottery operator published where the winning tickets for this week’s draw were sold, awarding a $50,000 weekly prize to two more tickets.

New PA Lottery Details

For players who like the immediacy of Scratch-Off play, the PA Lottery has just delivered big news announcing its biggest ticket ever. For $50, players have a chance to scratch off a prize of $5 million with the $5 Million Money Maker Scratch-Off. The new scratchers are anticipated to go on sale on December 28.

That is the most expensive Scratch-Off ticket that PA has ever seen, but more than one player will scratch off the biggest prize and become a millionaire. There are five prizes of $5 million on offer as part of more than $285 million in total prizes to be awarded to $50 scratch players.

The new scratch ticket isn’t the only place Pennsylvania Lottery players can become millionaires this holiday season, either. The State Lottery operator is also running the New Year’s Millionaire Raffle that will turn four different players into millionaires on January 8, 2022.

The Raffle also includes weekly draws worth $50,000 each, and two tickets are drawn each week to qualify for the $50,000. It is important to note that this is an extra prize — over and above the headline $5 million drawing on January 8 — so players who win a weekly prize should be sure to hang onto their tickets for the final draw, as they could potentially win there as well.

In the most recent weekly draw, the winning tickets were sold in Bloomsburg and Harrisburg, at a Fresh-N Quik and at a Sheetz location, respectively. The winning ticket numbers were 00141038 and 00155356. Players can check whether they have a winning ticket by scanning its barcode using the Ticket Checker feature on the PA Lottery’s official app or having it scanned at a local retailer.

PA Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko said he is excited about the new holiday promotions.

“As we kick off our celebration with the first-ever $50 Scratch-Off ticket, we hope you’ll also be excited to know that our New Year’s Millionaire Raffle is back again for the 16th year,” Svitko said.

The holidays are in full swing at PA Lottery, and players are in line for some massive prizes this year as the State Lottery group ramps up for its 50th anniversary in the spring of 2022. PA Lottery players can get into the action now by picking up a ticket at a local retailer, or playing via the PA Lottery online app.

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